Starstruck: 10 Stars Who Defy their Age

Prevention magazine celebrates these famous women over 40 who not only look amazing, but live a healthy, youthful life, too.

Diane Lane at age 46

Liz’s Top 3 “she looks my age!” Celebs:

  1. Diane Lane (pictured above, 46) — a model for midlife sexiness and talent that both women and men (and critics) appreciate
  2. Jennifer Aniston (42) — as she recently told The Sun newspaper, “Getting older, you get more comfortable in your body and in your skin and with who you are.”
  3. Salma Hayek (44) — “I refuse to be intimidated by aging. I refuse to be afraid of it. I refuse to be ashamed of it. I refuse!” she told Harper’s Bazaar. She knows that staying young is about staying passionate!

We agree that looking amazing is about embracing a healthy life with so much passion it shows! Go to Prevention’s site to check out the rest of their top 10.


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