Endless Summer Skin

TIP OF THE MONTH: Maximize your summer sun-kissed glow!

G.M. Collin taught us that exfoliating is the best way to keep your skin feeling fresh while reviving and retaining that sun-kissed glow. It removes the accumulated dead cells that build up on the skin resulting in flakiness and a dull complexion; products’ absorption is increased and the skin is more receptive to the active ingredients in the products. Whether you prefer an enzymatic peel or a granular scrub, exfoliating 2-3 times a week will keep you looking radiant all summer long.

For those oilier skins that are affected by humidity, switching to a water-based gel moisturizer instead of a cream is an excellent option for keeping cool for the rest of the season.


How do I maintain my sun-kissed glow? I am addicted to G.M. Collin’s Intensive Exfoliating Gel (this zesty-smelling badboy is enriched with oligo-elements, so it brightens, hydrates, and leaves skin visibly pure, fresh and radiant). And I use the Hydramucine Optimal Gel as my gel moisturizer (I can’t live without this miracle-worker for my normal to oily skin. It’s a powerhouse-blend of pomegranate, bamboo, lotus flower and water lily extracts, all working together to improve my skin’s water retention). On days where my skin is looking a bit sun-deprived, I smooth on some of Jane Iredale’s fantastic Tantasia and voilà! I am transformed into a bronze beauty. Tell us your summer skin tips and tricks… we are always looking for more. 🙂


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