Stress Solutions: The Ins and Outs of Stress

It’s that time of year. Summer is ending and our stress-levels are rising. But why does our body start broadcasting our stress to the world? And how can we avoid being “stressed to kill?” Refinery29 explains why our stress is problematic both inside and outside. “Our body protects us from a stressful situation by starting the stress response and releasing hormones to prepare our body for emergency action,” says David E. Bank, MD, a dermatologist and director of the Center for Dermatology, Cosmetic, and Laser Surgery in Mount Kisco, New York.

Sweaty palms, a crazy fast heartbeat, and your mind reeling is your body’s natural way to help you not only cope with whatever comes your way, but totally rock and make it out alive and well, on the other side. The problem is that it’s not acute, one-time stress that you’ve got to worry about as much as never-ending worrying. It’s when your body finds itself constantly facing stress that you end up facing issues with not only your health but also your appearance.

“When you face a stressor, all functions that are deemed unnecessary to fight off the emergency are put on hold,” explains Bank. “Then, when you face prolonged stress, your body never gets the opportunity to return to homeostasis — so you could have breakouts, high blood pressure, weight gain, and wrinkles all the time.”

Read on for some great stress tips


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