What Your Acne Number Tells You

We’ve all experienced the occasional break out, or even a full blown attack on our face, but have you ever wondered what might be the reason behind it? Here is some insight to the why, when, and what you can do to manage your skin issues.

Follow the diagram to see where your most frequent breakouts happen. Then use the information below to help kiss blemishes good-bye!

1 & 2: Digestive System — This is typically caused by excessive amounts of fat in your diet, binging on processed or ‘junk’ food, and lack of water in your diet. Cut back on the packaged stuff and reach for more water and water dense foods like cucumbers.

3: Liver —This is the zone where allergies show up first, so check your ingredient lists. Avoid alcohol, dairy, and fried foods and make sure to get in that thirty minutes of exercise everyday. The most important thing to do is to let your liver take a break by getting adequate sleep.

4 & 5: Kidneys — Anything around the eyes (including dark circles) point to dehydration. Drink up!

6: Heart — Sometimes this can mean your blood pressure and cholesterol are  high. So don’t hesitate to check your levels with your doctor. Not to mention your Vitamin B could be low. Decrease your intake of spicy foods, red meat, and try to get outside for some fresh air. Increase your Omegas 3 and 6 with more nuts, avocados, and flax seed. Don’t forget this area of your face is full of dilated pores so check the dates on your makeup to be sure it hasn’t expired and that it isn’t skin-clogging.

*Come by the Skin and Body Spa and check out Jane Iredale’s line of Mineral Make-up for healthy skin!

7 & 8: Kidneys — Cut down on your coffee and alcohol intake. You need to hydrate! Drink up!

Zone 9 & 10: Respiratory system — Smoking and allergies can be the cause of these breakouts. If neither of these are the cause for you your body maybe too acidic. Decrease your intake of meat, dairy, alcohol, caffeine, and sugar and try to increase your snacking on green veggies and wheatgrass juice.

*Dirty cell phones and pillow cases are also popular culprits!

Zone 11 & 12: Hormones — This is a classic zone for stress and hormone changes. You can help decrease their effect by getting enough sleep, keeping hydrated, eating leafy veggies, and keeping you skin clean.

*Breakouts in this area indicate when you are ovulating (and on which side).

Zone 13: StomachUp your fiber intake and decrease toxins. Try an herbal tea to help aid in digestion.

14: Illness — Break outs that occur in this zone can mean your body is trying to fight off bacteria to avoid getting sick. Zits here can be a sign that your body is fighting bacteria to avoid illness. Take a break, relax, and drink plenty of water!

So next time you’re surprised with a unexpected visitor, look to your map for answers. Your body could be trying to communicate with  you! However, do remember that, as with all medical issues, it is always best to see your doctor or dermatologist for a proper prognosis. You can always visit the Skin and Body Spa for a specialized facial and skin consultation. We would love to help you with all of your beauty needs!


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