11 Ways to Save Your Skin this Winter!

11 Tips to Help Save Your Skin From the Harsh Weather!


Healthy Skin, Healthy Food

1. You are what you eat!  In the cold weather, comfort food always seems like a good idea: mashed potatoes, chicken potpie, creamy soups, cookies… But it turns out, there are many yummy foods that do wonders for your complexion! Sweet potatoes, eggs, strawberries and asparagus are especially good for your skin. Try to incorporate more of these foods in your diet regularly. And don’t forget your multi-vitamin!

Serum for dry Skin

2.  Serums are great for dry skin.  When the temperature starts to drop, your skin can feel tight and flaky. Adding a hydrating serum to your routine makes all the difference. At the spa, we offer many serums that will help boost your skins hydration this season.  We love using Lipiad Advanced Complex, Hydramucine Concentrate , Daily Ceramide Capsules and Ultra Hydro Gel.

Estheticians3. If your cream never seems to relieve your skin tightness talk to one of our Estheticians about switching to a better cream for your skin type. There are a variety of creams we can choose from.  It’s not one size fits all.

4. Keep your fingers and toes looking pretty.Manicure and pedicure during winter months Your hands and feet need the love too during the cold and dry winters.  Doing regular manicures and pedicures keeps your hands and feet looking and feeling great. Some products we offer that can help you in between your spa services are Footlogix products, Solar Oil, Nail Envy, G.M. Collin Hand and Nail Cream, and Tweezerman files and clippers.

Treat yourself to a spa day5. Treat yourself to a spa day.  We have many options for a day at the spa!  You can decide on doing one hydrating treatment like our Seaweed or Age Management Ultrasonic Facial or a whole spa package. It is a good idea to plan regular facials every 4-6 weeks to stay well hydrated and clean.

Use a weekly mask

6. Hydrate your skin with a weekly mask.  If you’re moisturizing a little more this season but it doesn’t seem to be doing enough for your dry skin, try a weekly mask! The masks at the spa help to hydrate, balance and restore your skin.  Some of our favorites are Hydramucine Cream-Mask & Phyto Stem Cell Mask.

Hot water increases dry skin

 7. Don’t use HOT water.  Hot water can really affect the skin in negative ways, especially in the winter!  As good as hot water feels while it’s cold outside, hot water strips your skin of essential oils, leading to dry and flaky skin. Opt for warm water instead, especially when you’re washing your face. Use cold water whenever possible!

Exfoliate to help dry winter skin

8. Dedicate 2-3 days of the week to exfoliating your skin.  Exfoliating is one of the best things you can do for your skin.  It helps get rid of the dead skin so your products get into your pores and do their job.  Otherwise, your products are just sitting on top of dead skin.

Perfect moisturizer for you9. Do some research to find the perfect moisturizer for you.  There’s not a product that’s going to work perfectly for everyone… so do your research! Our Spa professionals work with you and suggest the best moisturizer based on the time of year and your skin type! Some of our most popular moisturizers for the winter are Hydramucine Optimal Cream, Nutriderm Cream, Sensiderm Cream & Nutrivital Cream.  Of course, it all depends on your skin and the best way to find your perfect moisturizer is by booking an appointment with one of our estheticians!

10. Don’t stop drinking water and using SPF just because it’s not hot outside anymore.Drink Water for healthy skin It’s the best (and cheapest!) thing you can do for your skin.  Best advice with drinking water is to start and end each day with a huge glass.  Also keep using a SPF to prevent dry skin and protect yourself from the winter rays. G.M. Collin Mineral Sun Cream 25, Aquamucine Cream SPF15 or High Protection Sun Cream SPF30 are great creams with SPF containing UVA and UVB protection.

Winter protection for lips11. Don’t forget to protect your lips!  Protective Lip Balms are so important to keep your lips from over chapping while decreasing the signs of aging.

Contact Us with any questions about any of these tips!


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