Phyto Stem Cell Products Get Your Skin Looking Brighter!

One of our favorite product lines we offer at The Skin & Body Spa is G.M. Collin.  The company was featured during the 17th Annual Oscar Awards as a skincare gift to attendees and has won numerous beauty awards. The attendees were given gifts from the Phyto Stem Cell Line. What makes the Phyto Stem Cell line so special is the  combination of Plant stem Cells, Orsirtine and Renovage.

  • Plant stem Cells- Help tissue development, regeneration & Cellular renewal that help with anti-aging.
  • Orsirtinne – Helps cells longevity
  • Renovage – DNA repair

Here are three great products!

Phyto Stem Cell Serum

 Phyto Stem Cell + Serum

The Phyto Stem Cell + Serum feels light and absorbs quickly.  It helps with texture, fine lines, and smoothness while firming your skin.  This serum feels wonderfully lightweight and is not greasy.  You will see results in fine lines and laugh lines and your overall skin will look softer and brighter!  The serum can be used day and night and is a great anti-aging serum for all skin types!

G.M. Collin Phyto Stem Cell + Mask

Phyto Stem Cell + Maskcc

The Phyto Stem Cell+ Mask is probably the most unique mask that you have ever used.  The mask is removed either with a tissue or rinsing it with water if you have oily skin.  To see thebest results, it is suggested that you apply  it  two times a week.  If you are looking for a more intensive treatment, you can sleep with it over night.  More importantly…What are the results?  You will see immediate results of hydration and softness.  With continued use, you will see overall firmness and fine line reduction.

The Phyto Stem Cell + Eye Contour Cream

The Phyto Stem Cell + Eye Contour Cream

The Phyto Stem Cell + Eye Contour Cream is wonderful and you will see a difference in fine lines under your eyes in no time.  This is especially great for lines caused from squinting from the sun and for puffiness in the eyes due to lack of sleep.  Love this eye cream!

G.M. Collin makes amazing skin care products.  Like all skin care it takes time to see real results nothing is overnight.  To find out more about G.M. Collin or to speak your esthetician about the best skin treatment for you, feel free to make an appointment or  contact us!  Look & feel great!


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