Help Your Body Release Sadness

sadness and grief, release sadness, release grief, massage makes you happyThe toll the body takes when sadness occurs can throw off your whole system.  Sadness does not just leave your body after a traumatic event, but instead can store inside your body.  Sadness occurs for so many different reasons – Death, break-ups, job loss, financial strain and many other life challenges that occur.  The problem about sadness is it is stored within our bodies even after we have moved on from the cause.  The fact is, addressing issues within your body and in your tissues can help you move on more quickly through grieving and find yourself back in the life you knew with stability and happiness.

Heartache is real?

The term heartache is something that many of us have felt or heard of from a loved one.  The term relates to a feeling of pain insides our bodies.  This feeling can actually be real and is usually associated with the grief of a long-standing physical imbalance from a traumatic event.  This feeling of grief, thought as usually a mental and emotional feeling, does not just leave the body, it stays and resonates making our body actually feel this heartache.

curing sadness, help grieving, massage releasing griefSo how do we release this sadness and grief?

The first step is recognizing that this is actually what is happening to your body.  Knowing that this grief is affecting your internal pain can help you to fight and alleviate this feeling.  Treating this grief with a combination of therapies will unlock and remove the grief from your body in a physical sense as well as emotionally and mentally.

Conventional therapies can work for the mental and emotional state of your grieving process; but it does not always release the physical imbalances that come with a traumatic loss and/or great sorrow.

This grief can sometimes pass through our body quickly when the loss is somewhat expected due to your age, for example.  Your body and mind will accept the loss, go through the states of grieving and your body and mind will release the sadness.

In today’s society, the expectation of grief and experience with loss and sorrow are not dealt with in a successful manner.  From childhood into adulthood, experiences in traumatic events can leave scars that are permanent, physical or imbalances within the body; this is unresolved grief.  This grief lives in muscles, fascia, and tissues the body.  Using massage to release this grief can actually cause memories to resurface that were thought to be forgotten or repressed.

Western medicine is finally coming to understand that there is a correlation between memories, intuition and emotions that can cause physical ailments.  Though most people do not know how these mental ailments are recorded into the body, they are starting to recognize that they are real.   So in the end, when grief happens to an individual, it is imprinted into our body and does not leave unless degriefing happens through touch and communication.

massage helps to combat grieving, stop grieving, help with sadnessMassage can play a key factor in this process – Degriefing with Bodywork

When we have individuals come into The Skin & Body Spa looking for bodywork after a traumatic experience, we find they respond very well.  We use a variety of massage techniques including Deep Tissue, Swedish, Reiki and Reflexology.  These treatments work to open your energy fields and chakras to create an effective treatment to release these negative feelings.

Massage is best known and primarily used to induce relaxation in our clients.  The stress reduction qualities are amazingly beneficial for the maintenance of well-being.  Degriefing bodywork’s goal is to unclog the blockages that have developed in our bodies due to events and to turn the body back to a happier state.  This is one of the reasons to be open and honest with your body therapist and tell them everything you have been experiencing.  In doing this, they can develop and integrate a plan for your body and bring these intentions into your healing.

Emotion is part of the body’s self-preservation and it is very necessary for the body to hold emotions.  In some circumstances, carrying the pain and sadness through massage and bodywork can help you to move on and live your life to the fullest and in a happy state.  We would love to help you through this grief and sadness.  Call us today 603.888.7900 and make an appointment.  Please let your therapist know about any emotional healing to add as intentions for your bodywork.  You can also email us with any questions.  In the end, just know that what you are feeling is part of the process of grieving and with a combination of therapy, you can be healed and feel happy again.