Young and Brighter Skin with Ultrasonic Facials

What is an Ultrasonic Facial?

ultrasonic facial, antiage facial, revive skinHave you heard of an Ultrasonic Facial but not sure what it is?  Looking to get your skin to return to its vibrant, youthful past?  Here is just one of the great treatments we have at The Skin and Body Spa to get your skin glowing!

 This state of the art treatment uses a simple yet powerful device to renew your skin.  Ultrasounds are used in many medical treatments for multiple reasons and applications and now are being used for the treatment of the skin.  Ultrasonic facials are a cutting edge skincare technology using very high speeds of low-frequency sound waves.  These micro vibrations help to simulate your skin’s natural repairing system.  This treatment cleans deep into your pores and exfoliates while it lifts and firms your skin.  This is all done without using chemicals, dangerous acids or harsh abrasives that can do long-term damage to the skin.

Benefits of using an Ultrasonic Facial Treatment:

  • Penetrates deep into skin sell to loosen and release oil, dirt and cellular debris for cleaner, healthier skin
  • Encourages cell regeneration
  • Firms you skin
  • Increases hydration and moisture
  • Reduces pore size
  • Works deep within your skin cells
  • Pain free, gentle and completely non-invasive
  • Gently treats sensitive skin
  • Removes oxidized waste material from skin
  • Improves your blood circulation and skin elasticity
  • Reduces puffiness and soothes inflammation
  • Improves acne and scaring condition on the skin and speeds up wounds healing time
  • With regular treatments – restores skin to a smooth and youthful glow
  • Exfoliates your top of layer of skin allowing a healthier completion without redness and irritation
  • Does not cause redness or irritation like microdermabrasion.

Ultrasonic facials give the opportunity for those of us who suffer from Rosacea, acne, sensitive skin and mature skin to not worry about any side effects during a treatment.

Ultrasonic Facials Help Difficult Skin Conditions:

Wrinkles & Fine Lines:  Ultrasonic facials help to hydrate the skin while stimulating and promoting the production of collagen and elastin.  The Result: Your skin looks plumper and fine lines and wrinkles disappear! Acne:  Ultrasonic facials go deep into the skin cells and break up deposits of dirt, oil and dead skin that are the breeding grounds for bacteria.  Cavitation, the first step in the treatment, uses water exfoliation to kill bacteria while unclogging pores.  The Result: Cleaner and healthier skin with less acne! Rosacea & Sensitive Skin:  Finally a treatment for sensitive skin and Rosacea that will help promote healing.  This facial helps to reduce inflammation and intensely hydrate.  People with Rosacea suffer from dehydration and inflammation. Products that help strengthen and reduce capillaries are penetrated deep into the epidermis.  The Result:  Calmer, clearer, hydrated skin!

This All Sounds Amazing!  What are the Phases of an Ultrasonic Facial?

1)  Exfoliation – This phase removes the outer layer of the skin or the stratum corneum – this is the skin that we constantly shed.  This phase will remove 20-50% of this layer with water and a hand instrument on the skin.  This instrument that looks much like a spatula and strokes the skin.  The ultrasonic vibrations will spin the molecules of the water causing a brief change in the water molecule called cavitation.  This phase gently removes the stratum corneum, surface skin, and cleans your skin follicles without irritating or inflaming your pores.

2)  Infusion – One of the hardest parts of maintaining good health in your skin is getting the medication to penetrate deep into your skin.  One of the greatest features of this treatment is the ultrasonic facial allows this to happen.  The process is actually called sonophoresis and with the combination skincare products, the treatments can create a powerful combination for your skin’s health and renewal.  The molecules will enter your skin through products that our skincare specialist will discuss with you based on your skin type and your goals.  The ultrasonic treatment actually opens tiny pathways that will allow your specialized product to move deeply into your skin.  This will create amazing long-lasting results!

3)  Micro Massage Therapy – The last stage of the Ultrasonic treatment called “micro-current”, re-educates your skin to act like younger skin.  Through this process, a very mild electrical current restores you cells’ natural electrical change.  What is this like?  A paddle is lightly waved over your face and throat that creates slight pulses while warming the face. This stage is very important for damaged cells that are not healing themselves effectively.   If one of your cells was damaged due to an environmental cause, overexposure to light/aging, your current is negatively affected.  This causes waste build up that restricts the flow of nutrients to maintain the health of the cell.  The cell has a hard time regenerating and regaining its health.  This micro massage phase helps to get your cells to become normal again.  The electrical current promotes healing, cell regeneration and resiliency in the future.  This treatment gives the cell new life and will help to promote beautiful skin!

The Ultrasonic facial is an opportunity to turn back the hands of time for your face and promote healing for the future.  When done regularly, your skin will look younger, smoother & healthier!  We offer the Ultrasonic facial at The Skin and Body Spa and would love to talk to you about which one is right for you.  Feel free to send us an email with any questions, check out our website or call us at 603.888.7900.  You can also make an appointment onlineLove your skin and let it repair itself!


Top 9 Reasons You Suffer from Oily Skin

Oily Skin reasonsOily Skin has been a battle for women and men for many years.   As those who suffer from oily skin know, the excess oil on your face can feel thick and greasy.  This can increase the size of your pores and make acne more intense, making you feel more self- conscious.  Understanding what causes oily skin is the first steps to making your skin look amazing and balanced.

The top reasons your skin becomes oily:

1)   Your Genes– a great indicator of genetic oily skin is looking at your family.   This usually indicates you and your family have larger sebaceous glands which produce more oil.  Genetically, oily skin will make you more likely to have clogged pores and more blemishes and breakouts.

2)   Sun Tanning – tanning is so bad for reducing oil.  It dries out your skin as a temporary reaction and it actually triggers an injury response that will cause your sebaceous glands to create more oil to protect your skin’s surface.

3)   Your Medication – hormonal birth control and hormonal replacement medication will also increase your oil production.  Also, medications having a side effect of causing dehydration can also create excess oil production.

4)   Women having hormonal changes – including pregnancy, peri & pre-menopause can cause your sebaceous gland to overproduce to the max.

5)   Washing too many times per day – it’s true, we all use products to cleanse, moisturize, scrub and exfoliate.  But when we  cleanse too much or apply too much pressure when scrubbing and exfoliating, it will cause our skin to get more oily.

6)   Use of unnecessary skin care tools – For example, scrubbing with a rotating cleansing brush (NOT the Clarisonic.  The Clarisonic Brush oscillates making it a safe tool for your skin), strips and buff puffs can irritate the skin and also dry it out.

7)   Change of the seasons – as you might have already realized, in the spring and summer humidity increases, which can cause oil production in your skin to increase.  Also, in the winter months when the air becomes dry, your skin will get dehydrated.  Your skin produces more oil to overcompensate!

8)   Stress – A huge culprit for the overproduction of oil due to increase of more androgen hormones.

9)   Using the wrong skincare products. – for example, if you are using an oily skin cleanser but actually have combination skin, it can over strip your skin of the oil you need and as a result, your skin will overproduce oil.

Products We Suggest!oil1

GM Collin-

  • Puractive or Purace Cleanser
  • Deep Cleansing Solution
  • Puractive Treating Mist
  • Puractive Cream
  • Puracne Gel
  • Derm Renewal Gel
  • Acne Complex

We offer complimentary Skin Consultations.  Make one today or call 603.888.7900 so we can help you with your oily skin!

The Link Between Acne & Diet

The link between acne and dietThe topic of diet and acne has been debated and well researched by many people over the years.  The link between our complexion and our diet is not a new topic and scientific research dates back to the 1900’s.  Fighting acne and having healthy skin has initiated many theories.  What has been found most recently coincides with maintaining a healthy living diet.  Research has found eating food with a high glycemic index (GI) or foods that quickly release glucose into the blood stream can aggravate and sometimes actually trigger acne.  Milk has been found to be another major factor in increasing blemishes and spots on the body.  The consumption of milk as well as sodas and sugary treats probably is a major reason why teenagers and an increasing population of adults are affected by the painful and self-conscious condition of acne, including spots and blemishes on the face, neck, back and chest.

What exactly is Acne?

Acne is caused by a combination of your skin producing too much sebum and a buildup of dead skin that clogs your pores and leads to a spot or infection of the pore.  During adolescence, especially the teenage years, sebum is produced by hormonal inflictions.  This can explain 80% of teenagers’ acne bouts.  This acne does not have any real danger; but it can cause anxiety, low self-esteem and depression.

How long has Acne been researched?

Research linked a relationship between acne and diet since the 19th century.  During that time, chocolate, sugar and fat were thought to be the main culprits of acne.  From the 1960s until recently, researchers believed there was no link between food and acne.

What has been found through research in recent years is eating foods that are high in GI – foods that the bloodstream absorbs quickly – are actually thought to directly affect the amount and severity of acne, triggering hormonal fluctuations.  These foods are thought to activate your hormonal levels that spike insulin, which is conceived to increase sebum production.  A recent study in Australia looked at two young males who tried a low GI diet and saw great improvement in the intensity of their acne.

Milk and AcneWhy Milk?  Milk contains hormones that increase the production of acne.  A study at Harvard in 2007 by the Harvard School of Public health found a link between acne and milk and even found that skimmed milk increases the development of acne.  The thought is that processing milk increases the hormones in the beverage.   After drinking skim milk, your likelihood to develop acne increases 44%!

How do you fight acne through food?  Through the research of recent years, we suggest combating acne should start with your diet.  Here are some starting points when choosing the right foods:

Choose Low GI goods (What are GI Foods?)Foods with low GI

  • For starters, only carbohydrates have a GI rating.
  • Foods that are low in GI make you feel fuller because it takes longer for your body to break down these foods and allow glucose to enter blood stream.
  • Low GI foods include fruits and vegetable, wholegrain foods – including Quinoa, Buckwheat, wild Rice, Barley, Rye, Bulgur and spelt.
  • High GI foods include sugary sodas, baked goods including cakes and pastries, chocolate, white bread and potatoes.

Having a diet of low GI foods is so important to keeping a healthy body and having skin without blemishes and spots.  These foods combined with a complete cleansing system to remove dead skin and replenish with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals will not only give you clear skin, but skin that radiates and shines.  Make an appointment with your esthetician to find out more about acne solutions.  Email or call us at 603.888.7900 to find out more information.

Save Your Skin With Retinol!

Rebuild Your Skin from the Inside Out

 Suffering from the effects of acne or aging and looking for a skin savior?  Retinol can be just what you are looking for!  Retinol is considered the most active form of vitamin A that will safely benefit the skin and has been included in The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) list of Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) substances.

retinol formulaWhat exactly is Retinol and where do naturally you find it?

Retinol is a natural derivative of Vitamin A that is sourced through enzymatic processing.  The most common natural form that you will find is beta-carotene.  Within your skin, retinol is converted to other metabolites showing different levels of activity for example retinol is converted into retinoic acid within the skin.

How does retinol work?

Retinol is the organizer of your skin cells or in other words, the very heart of why you have skin conditions.  This antioxidant’s knowledge of the difference in skin cells, the small molecular size, and liposoluable nature allows it to move deeper into your epidermal layers.  This stimulates the production of your skin cells and helps to maintain the skins structure by inhibiting the DNA damage that breaks down collagen.  Once the retinol hits your skin’s lower layers and regulates the cell growth, the retinol enzyme turns into retinoic acid and binds with DNA to promote healthy skin growth. After proper retinol use, you will see your skin emerge healthier, finer, smoother texture and more toned.

Not all Products containing Retinol are created Equal!

Common retinol skin care products usually will produce results.  Unfortunately, as an antioxidant, retinol quickly oxidizes when it is added into these skin care products.  Many of these manufacturers opt to only add a small amount of retinol to their products.  This very popular ingredient has seen many different formulations to protect and enhance the delivery and performance of the retinol.  These key challenges for delivery include poor stability, prone to chemical breakdown, and quick oxidation.

GM Collin Night Cream: Retinol Advanced + Matrixyl + Q10What is most effective way to add retinol to your skincare?

There are some forms of retinol skincare that we would suggest to you.  A great night cream to help with anti-age and anti-wrinkle is GM Collin Night Cream: Retinol Advanced + Matrixyl + Q10.  This cream uses retinol-advanced formula that works through the night with your natural repair cycles to delay the signs of aging.  It also hydrates, revitalizes the skin and helps to diminish and prevent the signs of aging while smoothing your skins texture.

This product is clinically proven at 28 days:

  • Up to 98% reduction of total surface of lines and wrinkles
  • Up to 93% reduction of number of lines and wrinkles
  • Up to 98% improvement in hydration level
  • Up to 55% increase in firmness.

Retinol Advanced is the most technologically advanced night cream on the market.  It is quickly absorbed and leaves your skin feeling light and silky.  Nicely scented with pleasant fruit extracts, bamboo leaf, rose petal, white jasmine, sandalwood and white musk notes.

Retinol Vital A CreamAnother cream we like Vital A Cream that is enriched with retinyl palmitate, retinol and palmitic acid, to increase skin elasticity.  This cream improves cellular renewal and hydration levels while it reduces lines and wrinkles.

This cream boasts as a favorite of plastic surgeons for its quick acting wrinkle reducing power.  It comes as the highest concentration of retinol on the market without having a prescription.  This shea butter based formula contains immune boosting echinacea, nourishing olive leaf extract, green tea, chamomile and cellular boosting hyaluronic acid.

A very effective delivery of retinol is called Tegoshere.  It is a spongy microcapsule that swells to trigger the release of actives that are discharged when the Tefosphere senses the pH, warm and moisture of the skin.  This delivery helps to reinforce the stability, activity, and efficiency of the retinol.  Studies even show that this product delivers more than 70% of the encapsulated retinol. 

Talk to your Esthetician before you use Retinol Products

Retinol products can be used with most skin types, but it is NOT recommended for sensitive skin, rosacea and active acne.  Direct sunlight exposure should be avoided since retinol is photo-sensible and can be easily degraded by UV rays in addition to producing erythema or irritation.  You should always used sunscreen day and night to maintain effective results without potential risks.

For more information about retinol products, call the Spa directly 603.888.7900 or Contact us to make an appointment with an esthetician.  Improve your skin from the inside out.

Get Ready for the Sunshine!

Jane Iredale Tantasia self tannerHow amazing is this weather?  The glimpse of spring is shining all around us and our skin needs to be ready for the bright and stronger sun.  Here’s a great way to get your skin looking golden and tan without the direct sunlight.  Tantasia Self Tanner & Bronzer is unlike any other self tanner on the market!

Why do we love Jane Iredale’s Tantasia?  This product takes a new approach to self-tanning, using your skin’s own tanning process- production of melanin- to develop a safer, long lasting and natural tan.  This proprietary formula is so unique and promotes your natural beauty!

Tantasia allows you to control the depth of your natural color because it is a gradual self tanner.  If you apply every day, your tan will be richer and more golden.  The formula is a lightweight gel that can be used on both your face and your body.  The subtle tint ensures you cannot miss a spot!

Powder-Me SPF Dry SunscreenWe highly recommend you use an SPF with the self-tanner.  Tantasia itself does not have an SPF in its formula.  Applying Jane Iredale’s Powder-Me SPF Dry Sunscreen will do just the trick before you get sun exposure.  Powder-Me SPF offers SPF30 in three different shades.  We have found “Golden” or “Tanned” help to enhance the Tantasia results.  For your face, Jane Iredale’s Amazing Base SPF 20 or Pure Pressed Base SPF 20 will work wonders.  They both are water resistant for up to 80 minutes in moving water and are available in an array of different shades.

Jane Iredale Lip Drink SPF 15Remember to not forget your lips! Lip Drink SPF 15 is the perfect colorless, moisturizing and protective lip balm with hints of lemon and orange to make you lips feel fresh!

Let Tantasia Self Tanner & Bronzer get your skin prepared, looking golden and you will be radiating beauty!  Contact us or stop into the spa to purchase these products and any other sun protecting products!


Save your Man’s Face with Great Skincare

Men's skincareEven though we do not discuss men’s skincare as much as women’s skincare, there are amazing products out there to keep your guy’s youthful glow.  As you know, men’s skin is thicker and rougher than women’s skin and since men usually shave about once a day, their skin tends to be more dry and irritated.   The products that men use on their skin can be culprits for over drying.   Foamy shaving creams that contain drying ingredients and stinging after-shaves are not helping their skin.  Why don’t you tell that man in your life how to keep his skin looking younger, brighter and wonderful to the touch!

The products we suggest to our male clients is The G.M. Collin “MENS” line.  This product line was created and developed to ease the skincare process with less necessary products in the regime.  In this line, your man will get all the must have products that are high quality, good for all skin types and paraben-free.  Added bonus: all the products have essential oils that give a light, fresh, masculine scent – Mostly citrus and fresh herbs.  As in all the products created by G.M. Collin, the formulas are made from natural plant and marine extracts and are never tested on animals.

MensskincarelineHere are the specific products that G.M. Collin has to offer! 

G.M. Collin Detoxifying Gel Cleansermen's skincare and face wash

This cleanser is much gentler on the skin than a bar of soap. Bar soaps can be over drying and clog the skin.  This gel is alcohol, paraben and soap-free.  While it cleans away dirt and excess oil, it leaves the skin fresh, clean and nurtured with antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, probiotics and multivitamins – Vitamin A, B, C, & E.

G.M. Collin Shaving Gel Best mens shaving gel, best mens shaving cream

This product is not just a shaving gel!  It’s a foaming gel with some serious skincare benefits for any man.  This gel foams into a rich, soothing, moisturizing lather that helps calm razor burn.  The gel is made of aloe, allantoin and cucumber extract – good for any skin type.  It’s hard to detach from the soapy shaving creams your man is using, but this one will change       his mind.

GM Collin After shave Midst, best aftershave, best aftershave midstG.M. Collin After Shave Cooling Mist

This soothing aftershave mist comes in a white plastic pump bottle that dispenses refreshing liquid lotion that does not contain any greasy side effects.  This pleasantly scented after-Shave soothes irritation without the stinging (alcohol free).  This product is also full of antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, probiotics, multivitamins: A, B, C, & E for Hydration – Even if his skin is sensitive, he will like this After-Shave

Mens facial moisturizer, mens face cream, hydrating creamG.M Collin Intense Hydrating Cream 

Best mens cream, hydrating mens creamHaving a hard time getting your guy to apply a daily moisturizer?  This intense hydrating cream might just be the product to make his face feel so good and change his mind on moisturizers.  This flip top white tube moisturizer contains hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, probiotics, and Vitamins A, B, C, & E.  This moisturizer does not have the greasy film that is a complaint of many men about moisturizers.  Also this cream is light, absorbs quickly and is enhanced by a light, masculine, fresh scent.  Ingredients include aquaxyl (hydrator) hyaluronic acid and antioxidants.  This cream is made with avocado oil, dextophane and rice peptides. Your guy’s face will feel less tight and dry within a couple of days and his skin will feel softer and more comfortable.  This is a great cream for men who are results oriented because he will immediately see and feel the results of this cream.  If you can get him to use it for a few days – he will never go without it!

mens antiaging cream, antiage lotion, antiage face lotionG.M. Collin Men Anti-Aging Revitalizing Cream

This anti-aging cream is specially formulated for a man’s skin with peptides, antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, probiotics, multivitamins – A, B, C & E and natural ingredients.  This cream is especially formulated for the man who has not taken care of his skin and is starting to notice that his skin is aging quicker than he would like.  This cream wages battle against the signs of aging by improving elasticity and reducing the appearance of wrinkles

Check out our fine selection of men’s skincare items at The Skin & Body Spa.  Call us at 603.888.7900 or Contact Us to make an appointment for your guy to find out the best combination for his skin. We are happy to give him a 15 minute complimentary skin care consultation!

Want to get rid of your Sun and Age Spots? Tips to a brighter You!

Get Brighter Skin as you ageAs you get older, are you noticing more sun and age spots?  Are you looking for brighter skin this spring and summer?  As we age, sun and age spots start to appear.  These spots make us feel unattractive and self-conscience and can sometimes be very hard to cover up.

As you know, too much sun exposure can be a culprit.  Your eyeglasses can also cause brown spots on your face.  They can act as a heat conductor and cause brown discoloration below the eyes.  These brown spots appear over time and finding the right product to fade these spots is very difficult.  So, what should you do?!

Have no fear, sun and age spots as well as other discoloration can be treated!  As you know, not all products are created equal in removing these pesky imperfections.  With the help of your esthetician and solutions on the market, you can have brighter skin just in time for the new season!

One of our favorite skincare lines, G.M. Collin, makes amazing products and has created a system to help you take hold of your skin again!  The PhotoWhite Brightening 3 step system works wonders on these sunspots, age spots and other imperfections.

 Here is the simple 3 step system:

G.M. Collin PhotoWhite Brightening System:

  1. Gently apply PhotoWhite Dark Spot Serum on your spots and not all over your face.  This concentrated serum is a triple action spot treatment that brightens, exfoliates and defends the skin from signs of aging.  It’s powerful mixture of natural antioxidants, botanical extracts and amino acids has proven to be as effective as 4% hydroquinone.
  2. Apply PhotoWhite Cream all over your face.  This is an anti-aging cream that evens out your skin tone.  It will prevent future dark spots and is incredibly hydrating.   Bonus- your skin will look brighter and soft to the touch.
  3. The Last step is applying The Mineral Sun Cream 25. Simply apply this all over your daily skincare products.  This cream is fragrance free, non-greasy and does not streak white like other sun blocks.   The cream contains natural zinc oxide and titanium Dioxide which protect your face from both UVA and UVB rays.  Mineral Sun Cream 25 is very easy to apply before you head out the door for great protection against the sun.

*You can purchase these 3 products at The Skin & Body Spa in a kit called “The Phyto White Kit”.  When you purchase them in the kit, the sunscreen is FREE!

If you have any questions about these products or would like to have a consultation with one of our estheticians to create a skin plan – call us at 603.888.7900 or Make an appointment now!